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Street Fighter 6 Review

Street Fighter 6 Review thec0re3
Online Experience

Summary: Take notes fighting game developers, this is how you launch a fighting game! Amazing visuals, superfluous game modes, and a great online experience! The bar has been set!


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When it comes to the current landscape of video game development, taking risks on even something as legendary as the Street Fighter series is not an easy task. Never the less, it would seem the Capcom fighting game division was up for the challenge and knocking it out the park is not the word I would use for Street Fighter 6…I would more say they knocked this game into oblivion and there are really too many reasons to count why…but I am going to try my best.





Veterans are finally getting a true makeover

The next generation of Street Fighter is not the biggest leap in terms of its visual styling but it’s clear that their utilization of the RE engine has pushed the franchise into photo realistic territory compared to V, and it really shows in the faces of the veteran characters especially.

Models are without a doubt greatly detailed and the added muscle deformation(something that is best viewed on the current gen of consoles) certainly pushes the appeal especially on characters with brawny physiques.

Backgrounds are phenomenal and character animations are fluid and pulsating with life for any character you may decide to choose.

This time around developers have chosen to make the color palette much brighter and the graffiti focused effects certainly help to add more to the visuals than just characters brutally trying to beat the life out of each other.

While I’m not too keen on some of the clothing choices for certain cast members, I still have to give Capcom kudos for giving our veteran cast members a true makeover for once and I certainly can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the other returning characters.

Game Modes

As far as I’m concerned, Street Fighter 6 has set the bar for fighting games and you need only look at the available games modes to understand why these feelings ring true.

The story mode, known as world tour, has broken new ground for fighting games in ways that I could fill this entire page with if I didn’t have more areas of this game to cover. It is really unreal that they put this much time and effort into the single player experience.

Build relationships with your favorites and they will aide you in battle

Whether it’s picking fights in the street with random NPC’s, playing mini-games that are trying to teach you how to play, or building relationships with main stays like Ryu and Chung Li, Capcom have gone above and beyond to give those looking for single player content something to sink their teeth deep into and this is only one of the three modes mind you.

For those looking to get straight to business there is the battle hub, a virtual online lobby that connects you with players on what I feel is a pretty intimate level. I’ll be covering this mode in more detail when I review the online experience.

Last but not least there is Fighting Ground. It would be fair to say Fighting Ground is the classic fighting game fare, but it so much more than that. The training mode is more expansive than it has ever been with the new frame meter feature that gives you real time information from the moment you start an attack.  It is hands down the most under the hood thing I’ve ever witnessed in a training mode.

On top of this there are situational options that include whiff punishing of all things….whiff punishing! Even before getting blown away by training mode, the tutorial mode is nothing to scoff at as it really does cover the gamut of fighting game strategies moving from beginner to advance steps.

Top that off with character guides, which will help set you on a path to really getting the feel and understanding for your fighter of choice, and you really have a game that stops at nothing to ensure your experience as a new fighting game player is going to be as good as it can be if you’re willing to take the time and learn what they have to offer.

Game Play

Street Fighter 6’s mechanic are definitely taking strategy and neutral game play to a new place for the franchise.

Punish counter from the new drive impact mechanic

With the new overdrive system, the ball is basically in your court. Outside of the meter for super moves that fills up gradually, you essentially have access to all your power ups at the beginning of the round and you can choose to use them at your own risk.

The disadvantages to losing all your overdrive meter are pretty grave, which includes the possibility of getting dizzied, and handing over additional frame advantage to your opponent, so knowing when to hold and when to let go makes matches that more intense.

With mechanics like drive rush and drive impact it really does add a new experience in neutral. Drive rush gives your attacks additional frame advantage which unlocks new combos for things you normally wouldn’t combo into. Reacting to the drive impact especially takes some getting used to but I certainly don’t see the game play being as interesting without it.

Of course defensive options are there as well. The new parrying mechanic certainly makes it much easier to absorb attacks but as it does also play into the drive gauge, you still have to use caution.

Online Experience

So it is more than obvious that Street Fighter 6, at least in its offline state, is pretty awesome but we all know the times that we are in and since Street Fighter went online, it has been the bane of what has often been a good experience.

The virtual lobby known as battle hub, is definitely a great start. The lobby is littered with very chic arcade cabinets that invite anyone to start matches, spectate, or request to go up next. Getting tired of playing matches? No problem! There are other cabinets that allow you to enjoy the extreme battle mode or classic titles like Street Fighter II which should definitely wet the appetite of curious new comers.

There is so much to do in the Battle Hub that it really gives off the feeling of a hang out spot at times which is not something I’ve honestly felt in other virtual lobbies before.

Play nonstop matches and more in Battle Hub mode

If you’re not keen on the hang out, rank and casual matches are still there and can also be accessed through Battle hub or Fighting Ground. Creating rooms are also available letting you  entertain up to 16 users and allows for simultaneous matches as well.

With the great experience that is battle hub, it is really all for naught if the actual game experience isn’t good online and….lets just get it out of the way, it’s great! Even when I played the beta, it never once felt like I had a horrible connection and that has not changed with the influx of players at launch.

The inputs are responsive and matches run smooth as butter. I have yet to catch a whiff of lag spikes, rewinding, or teleportation during gameplay. It has been truly a one of a kind experience. Even with opponents who are using WIFI it just does not hurt the experience in any way I can personally detect.

Street Fighter 6 is beyond a shadow of a doubt the complete package. If no stone left unturned was a person, than Street Fighter 6 would be it.

I really do hope the fighting game division of Capcom is proud of their efforts for this latest offering in the series because it truly does deserve a sincere round of applause.

With as much as they have offered at launch it is a wonder as to what they are planning to offer next. This is definitely not a game you have to wait for because you’re getting all your money’s worth from the gate. The rest is just going to be icing on an already deliciously crafted cake.

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