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Evolution Championship Series 2017 Results!!!

Update 7/17/2017 11:22am EDT- Evolution Championship Series 2017 is in the books!! We hoped that you enjoyed this weekend of amazing fighting game competition. We have plans to do our top 5 EVO moments of 2017 so stay tuned! We have provided the top 8 results for this event below courtesy of the amazing folks @!!

Update 7/16/2017 10:34am EDT- Finals day of the Evolution Championships is just about to start in a few. The finals pages of history will be written as we start the event off with Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 to see who may possibly become the last EVO champion of this title!! This is sure to be an exciting finale to a weekend of the highest level of fighting game competition so do not miss out. We have updated the schedule below so sit back and enjoy EVO 2017 finals!!

Update 7/15/2017 12:56pm EDT- Day two of Evolution Championship series is underway. With finals and fights to top 8 for tomorrow’s big stage conclusion, you are certainly not going to want to miss this high level amount of competition!! We have updated the schedule for each stream below and we hope that you enjoy the second day of EVO 2017!!

The biggest fighting game tournament of the year is back for another round. Evolution Championship Series is about to get underway in just a few minutes!!!

With over 6,000 players coming from all around the globe converging on Las Vegas, Nevada, Evo has always been a test of sheer endurance but with the added bonus of being the biggest tournament for many of the pro circuits available, the pressure has certainly increased when it comes to earning the prestigious Evo championship title.

With this potentially being a final hurrah for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, there has never been a repeat champion for Marvel at Evo so one question remains: will this weekends event crown the true god of UMVSC3?!!

As the second North American stop on the Tekken World Tour circuit, Evo will be host to the biggest opportunity for the last standing player of this event. This year’s Evo Tekken 7 champion will earn an automatic qualifying spot at the Tekken World Finals later this year in addition to a $6,000 pot bonus!!

Injustice 2 will be making its first appearance at EVO and it is certainly going to be here in a big way!! As the biggest tournament of the Pro Series, players will compete for a chance to earn the highest ranking points available for the season and a chance to take home a piece of the $50,000 pot bonus that will be awarded to the top 8 players of this event!!

The Capcom Pro Tour has also returned to the biggest event of the year with Street Fighter V. With Evo offering the largest global ranking points for the season, anyone who becomes the champion of this years event could potentially solidify their spot at Capcom Cup in December.

Last but not least, Evo 2017 is making history by bringing two of the biggest anime fighters to the main stage with Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 and Blazblue: Central Fiction!! These two behemoth anime franchises will not only will be showcased at Evo but three of the top North American placers for both games will also qualify to represent our country at Arc Revo 2017 in Japan!!

We have only just touched the surface of Evolution 2017 with so much more happening at this years event, you would be remiss to miss out on it!!!

Here is the official lineup of Evolution Championship Series 2017:

  • Street Fighter V
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U
  • Tekken 7
  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction
  • Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Injustice 2
  • Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

If you happen to be in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, we are imploring you to be apart of this event!! Not only will you be able to spectate what will be the most highest level of fighting game mastery you have ever seen, but there also will be several things to do during Friday and Saturday. Arc System Works next hugely anticipated title Dragon Ball FighterZ will be playable at the event. Bandai Namco will also have the upcoming team mech anime fighter Gundam Versus available as well giving players a free open tournament to those in attendance. Arika will also be on hand to show off their new fighting game with an update to their “april fools” project!! There will also be an EVO indie showcase which will feature fighting games that are in development like Punch Planet and Bounty Battle. Do yourself a favor if you can be there and be there!


Mandalay Bay Convention Center(Friday and Saturday Only)
3950 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Mandalay Bay Events Center(Sunday Only)
Same As Above


Spectator Fee: $40 per day(Friday and Saturday Only)
$61.75(General Seating Sunday Only Purchase Ticket: Here)



1. EF|Tokido
2. PG|Punk
3. GGP|Kazunoko
4. Itabashi Zangief
5. Liquid|NuckleDu
5. Moke
7. Splyce|Filipino Champ


1. MVG|Salem
2. TSM|ZeRo
3. MSF|Larry Lurr
4. P1|Tweek
5. NRG|Nairo
5. KEN
7. RNG|Dabuz
7. CLG|VoiD


3. Knee
4. Taisei
5. SM|Anakin
5. JEOndding
7. Suiken!!


1. ryusei
2. Fenritti
3. fumi
5. Tochigin
7. Mt. TaKao


1. RyanLV
2. EG|NYChrisG
3. PC Marvel God
4. Paradigm
5. Joey D
5. Prodigy
7. Mischief|Not Enough Damage
7. NoLife


1. [A]|Armada
2. C9|Mang0
3. Liquid|Hungrybox
4. MVG EF|Mew2King
5. PG|Plup
5. Lucky
7. MSF|The Moon


1. Noble|Dragon
2. CR|HoneyBee
3. EF|Theo
4. Semiij
5. EF|SonicFox
5. PG|Hayatei
7. Tekken Master
7. T7G|D.R.|Gross


2. T5M7
3. Samitto(サミット)
5. GGP|Kazunoko
5. purepure
7. 310
7. Teresa


1. Huomao/DBJ|E.T.
2. QXD|Xiaohai
3. KCO|Luis Cha
4. Huomao|ZJZ
5. GCCM|PK|White-AshX
7. AS|Reynald

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