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Kombat Cup 2.11 Results!!

Update 04/26/2017 10:08pm EDT- Another exciting end to the Kombat Cup wraps up week 11!! Here are the results of today’s top 8 competition:
1. Noble|Dragon
2. Noble|Tweedy
3. Semiij
3. HARA|Rewind_FGC
5. EF|Sonic Fox
5. Revetleafing

For additional results and match breakdowns head to the official Kombat Cup page

Things are about to reach critical mass as today’s top 8 for week 11 of the Kombat Cup is just about to get started!!

With only one more chance left after today’s top 8 to qualify for ranking points, tonight may ultimately decide the final 8 players who will end up competing in this season’s finale.

Revetleafing, who is still on the potential chopping block at the 8th ranked position, definitely has his work cut out for him today as he will be facing Semiij who still holds the #1 position of this least for the moment.

Tweedy returns for today’s top 8 after being absent from last weeks finals yet and still, a win today could bring him that much closer to clenching the #1 spot if he can run back his amazing set play during week 9’s competition.

Of course, we cannot leave out last weeks champion SonicFox who is currently tied with Tweedy at the number 2 spot for the season rankings and is still the biggest threat among the battle tested warriors of this season.

We have provided the stream below and hope that you enjoy this weeks top 8 of Kombat Cup!!


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