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Online Series Qualifiers Starts Today!!

Once again the Street Fighter Online Series, a qualifier that is a part of the Capcom Pro tour, is starting back up today and will be running until May 17th where double elimination bracket tournaments will take place the same day. If you are interested in signing up for the competition, you can head over to the virging gaming website and register. In order to qualify for the bracket tournament, you must defeat 3 competitors in a row. You can find the first results of the online tournament here. The official standing for player rankings can be found here.

If you are just now finding out about the Street Fighter Online Series, you can take a look at our previous post for more info. As it stands now, Ryan Hart Aka Prodigal Son and Eduardo Perez Aka PR Balrog have qualified for the 16 man invitational Capcom Cup coming sometime in December.

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