Published on December 20th, 2018 | by thec0re3


The State Of Fighting Games Online!!

2018 is coming to the end of the road and with that, I would like to shed some light on my plans for the website moving into the new year. As you may have already noticed, the news updates on the site have been slowly declining. Some of it was due to things that were out of my control but much of it has been due to a lack of motivation on my part.

I have been currently working on a new project and while it still involves video games I have to admit that fighting games are not the focus of my latest endeavor. So where does this leave FGO? Well, basically in limbo. I have no intention of closing down the site. I still would like to believe there is some valuable information here for those in search of what the site has to offer.

For the foreseeable future things will most likely continue on as they have in the past few months.  I will be updating the site for any new fighting games that release, I am still working on testing out fighting games that can’t be played online the conventional way, and there are definitely some projects that I still intend to complete for the site. Outside of this, I can’t say what else the future will hold for this website.

The website is now in its 5th year of being and it goes without saying that it has been a labor of love. In closing, thank you to everyone who has supported the website by sharing it on social media and with friends. Enjoy your holiday and have a happy a new year!!!



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Founder of Fighting Games Online and self proclaimed "entertainment techie", thec0re3 takes immense enjoyment out of merging his love for video games and technology to educate, create, and participate in something he has enjoyed for more years than he would ever admit to.

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