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Ed Boons Teases Possible MKXL Release On PC!!

After an initial announcement tweet from Mortal Kombat X producer Ed Boon about “big news” that would be arriving tomorrow, many started to speculate what this could possibly be.


Not long after the initial tweet Ed, in old Ed fashion, sent out a very kyptic tweet leading us to believe that the news coming tomorrow is going to be pretty big indeed!!


Some of you may already know where we are going with this but for those who don’t, the PC version of MKX was said to have over 500,000 sales on the steam PC client, so there you have it!!

All signs seem to lead to a PC release of Mortal Kombat XL which would include the improved roll back netcode and the Kombat Pack 2 which features special guest characters Xenomorph from Aliens and Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!

Definitely check back with us tomorrow as we will be covering this big announcement once it is released into the wild(aka the internet)!

Source: Ed Boon

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