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Games For Windows Live Not Dead!!!

Last year, there was a great deal of speculation surrounding the shutting down of GFWL, a windows gaming network that allowed players to connect with certain PC titles online, in July of 2014. At the time, many wondered what would become of both Super Street Fighter IV:AE and Street Fighter X Tekken and during the earlier part of this year we got an least for one title.

With the upcoming release of Ultra Street Fighter IV, Capcom announced that they would be making the transition to Steam networks which further confirmed that the departure of GFWL was in fact going to happen as expected…or so we thought.

To our surprise it has been confirmed that Street Fighter X Tekken is still alive and well on the GFWL network! On further investigation we’ve found many reports that say the same even noting that GFWL has plans to expand the network, far from what we were lead to believe.

With the recent issues that Ultra Street Fighter IV has been having with its transition, one may wonder if jumping ship was a little premature. Capcom is planning to fix these issues with an opt-in beta session tomorrow so all is not lost for USF4.

While it is great news to know that Street Fighter X Tekken is still alive online and kicking, my caution level is still a bit on the side of skepticism. For now, we can only remain hopeful and bewildered at the fact that the expected demise of GFWL was no more than a rumor.


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