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KOFXIV Game modes, Gameplay, and More Revealed!!(Update)

Update 12/6/2015 9:28pm- The official King Of Fighters XIV website has been updated with the latest trailer and additional information in regards to what to expect for the upcoming title!!

A great deal of information about the latest game in the King Of Fighters series has been revealed at the Playstation Experience and we’ve been doing our best to find out as much as we can.

As we revealed before, The King Of Fighters XIV will  have an online game mode and another mode called party battle. It has been revealed that the party battle will be a mode that will allow players to team up  and battle online in 3 Vs 3 match play!!

There has also been some more information about the game mechanics for the latest entry.



From the looks of things, KOFXIV is mixing some of the latest mechanics found in KOFXIII with other older mechanics found in past versions.

Max Mode has returned but with a little twist. Now, your EX moves can only be activated while in Max Mode. There is also the ability to cancel normal moves(possibly special as well) into Max Mode.

Max Desperation Moves seem to work like the mechanic NeoMax from KOFXIII requiring two meters in Max mode and three meters outside of Max Mode.

Another mechanic that has been described but not detailed is the “Rush” button which allows you to use combinations by pressing it multiple times when you’re in range of hitting your opponent.

We’ve also heard some rumblings about a “just defend” mechanic originally introduced in Garou: Mark Of  The Wolves which gives you back energy by timing your block right when your opponent attacks.

While there is no official gameplay footage that we’ve found as yet, a few players have been recording some sessions at the Playstation Experience Booth that we’ve added below. At the moment Andy, Chang, Kula, Iori, Kyo, Leona, and Kula are playable.


As we find more information, we will update the post so stay tuned!!

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