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New Characters To Be Playable In Latest KOFXIV Build!!

It has been known for some time that SNK planned to release a new 36 character build of The King Of Fighters XIV which will first be available throughout different locations in Japan.

A recently released screen shot gives us some insight on the characters that will be playable in the latest build.


New characters Kukrim, MuiMui , main protagonist Shun’ei(shown as selected character above), Nakoruru(From Samurai Showdown) and the mysterious team south town member Hein, who has yet to be shown in a trailer, will be making their debut to the KOF franchise. We are definitely curious to see what they bring to the table.

Some of the old guard will also be returning in this build. Veterans Chin, Joe, Yuri(shown as the selected character above), Goro, Maxima, Ralph, and King have been added to the latest roster.

We will be on the look out for any footage of this latest build showing up in the wild so stay tuned!!


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