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Them’s Fightin’ Herds Now Available On Steam’s Early Access!!

Mane 6, developers of MLP: Fighting Is Magic, have officially released their brand new IP Them’s Fightin’ Herds on steam early access for mass consumption!

Originally, TFH was scheduled for a full release on Steam today but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the intended version of this title could not be completed in time for its official debut. As a result, decisions had to be made leading to an early access release. The biggest reason for this change is mainly due to the story mode which still needed some finishing touches before release. Despite this unfortunate news, players will still be able to enjoy much of what the full version of the game has to offer which includes a virtual online lobby, an arcade mode, and 6 playable characters.

As customary with our site, we will not have an official page for TFH until the full steam version is released. We are sad that Mane 6’s hard work hit an unavoidable road block but on the bright side, the game is now available for everyone to enjoy and we certainly recommend that you try this title out as you may be pleasantly surprised.  TFH is a game that features traditional fighting game elements though you will find that its combat system mirrors many of the functions that you see in tag team fighting games such as air combos and air movement.

You can  grab TFH on the official steam page which includes additional details on this latest indie fighting game title.

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