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Fighting Games Online Is Officially Open!!!


It has been a very rough couple of months getting this site up and running but today marks a day unlike any least for myself. Today I’m officially opening this page up for all to enjoy! I’ve already added the logo created by an amazing artist that goes by Sketcher X  . I had a nice welcome video planned but time was running out and I didn’t want to wait any longer so here it is welcome to Fighting Games Online!


For those of you who may be wondering what exactly this website offers, I’ll be happy to explain. The main objective of this website is to give you information on ALL(not just some) of the fighting games that are available for online play. Some of us want to remember those times we had with friends and family playing our favorites, others are just now being introduced to the wonderful world of fighting games and may have a curiosity about what fighting games were like back when. Either way it goes, unless you plan to just play the computer, your going to need a willing participant. With the advent of the internet, netplay or mutli-player online has become the fastest way to find an opponent who enjoys….what you enjoy. Numerous fighting games have been created and thrown across multiple systems but until today they weren’t very playable or just not available at all. Here at Fighting Games Online, I want to give you as much information as possible.  How can I play online, what system does it play on, is it even worth playing online, these are just a few of the questions that I hope you’ll find the answer to when your searching for your favorites past or present.


So with that said, I would like to give you a quick run down of each section of the website.


This section will provide you with in-depth information on fighting games that are available for online play on console.  I’ve split this section into three parts. Multi which stands for games that are available for multiple consoles and Xbox 360 and PS3 which have games that are available exclusively for each console. In the future, I plan to add other gaming consoles but for the moment these are the choices available.



For now, this section only covers games for PC but I hope to create a MAC section also. The PC section has been split into three parts. PC games which are your basic titles that run like any application that you might install on your computer.  Appz,short for applications, which are designed to bring players together and run multiple games through the use of an emulator based program.   And last but not least Emulators which are programs that act like video game systems and come with netplay functionality.



These initials stand for Improve Your Connection and the goal is to do just that. This section was designed to help gamers create the best connection for their online fighting games as possible.  The section includes video tutorials as well as helpful links that aim to get you on track to making a better experience for your online gaming.



If you’ve experienced playing a fighting game online, then you have most likely run into an opponent whose skills seem to tower your a show no mercy kind of way at that. You may be asking yourself what can you do to Improve Your Game(hint, hint) and I’m hoping that this section will be helpful to you. So far, I’ve created four sections which include video tutorials on some of your favorite fighting game titles. I’ve personally created some in-depth fighting game definition tutorials to explain some important concepts that will help you pick up any fighting game you decide to take up. This section is all about encouraging people to continue playing.


FG Communities

The fighting games communities section is all about helping you connect to those individuals who dedicate there every waking moment to their favorite titles. These community driven fan sites offer greater insight into the fighting games that you enjoy and even connect you with people offline(*gasp*) so that you can continue to get the most out of your fighting games of choice.



Building a community that can interact and share content with those that share the same interest is always an important part of improving a website and I didn’t want to over look that so I’ve created a Forum. Here you can create topics of interest from giving tips on the best way to improve your connection to helping a fellow gamer get connected to their peers. My hope is that other communities can be made from fighting games that may not have a place to reside as yet.


Well I think I’ve covered everything. If you’re not to busy, please take a look at my first fighting games review video (hoping its not my last) and enjoy browsing the page. There is still a great deal of content to add as this page is still in its infancy stage so please give me time and thank you for coming…..Oh!! and seasons beatings!!..because this is a website about fighting games after all.

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