Published on November 24th, 2013 | by thec0re3

Killer Instinct Now Available!!

The first next gen fighting game has finally arrived!! Killer Instinct, a next gen Xbox One exclusive title, is turning out to be an exciting look into the future of what this new era of fighting games has to offer.

Not only have the developers at Double Helix created a fighting game that shows off the amazing capability of the One’s processing power, they’ve also managed to reboot a classic and make it a very solid fighter that is sure to bring old and new players together in the next age of gaming.

Maximillian, creator of the popular Assist Me series, has had a great deal of hands on during the development of Killer Instinct and from watching his “Week Of Killer Instinct” videos his excitement for the game seems well founded as it showcased some fantastic match play while online.



Seeing this game in action with its current netcode, one can only hope that the online play will in fact see a higher level of improvement in this next generation.



We’ve now added a new page for Killer Instinct as well as a new section for Xbox One that you will see in the navigation menu. Here is hoping that they are many more fighting games titles planned for the near future!

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