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New Ultra Street Fighter IV Mode announced!!

Capcom officially announced a new upcoming DLC at the Tokyo Game Show. Omega mode, will work similar to the option that allows you to choose the older versions of your favorite characters(i.e. vanilla, super, AE) but with a pretty big twist. The mode makes very drastic changes to your favorite characters and as Peter “Combofiend” Rosas shows below they are very outrageous.

The new DLC mode will be available for free and unlike the other modes that allow for the different variations of your character this mode will be playable online. For newcomers this may seem like something totally new and out of the box, but veterans who’ve played the classic Street Fighter II Championship Edition Rainbow are all to familiar with this kind of craziness.



In addition to the new Omega mode, Capcom is going to releasing Patch 1.04. This patch aims to fix unintentional changes that were made to specific characters and is going to add a delayed wake option to the training dummy.  For PC gamers, the patch is also going to improve issues with the online experience.


Fans should be expecting the pack and new DLC sometime in October. Detailed info on the additional mode and patch can be found here.

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