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New Update Adds RollBack To Samurai Shodown V Special On The PlayStation 4!!

Even with the new Samurai Shodown arriving in a week from now, it would seem one of the older titles in the series is getting some love with a new update!

The special port of Samurai Shodown V Special developed by Code Mystics now adds rollback to the 1.02 update in addition to fixes and new features. Players now have the option of setting a max input delay which activates rollback when reaching that max to ensure the match stays at the preferred input delay.

Originally, the netcode was implemented by Code Mystics with The King Of Fighters 97: Global Match on the PC via Steam. Since then, it has made it’s way to the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of the title with SSVS being the latest title to receive the new code.

Many are curious about this update and are wondering if SNK has plans to use it in the upcoming reboot. Guess we will just have to wait until June 25th to see!

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