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Final Launch Characters Gameplay, and Infinity Stone Revealed In Latest MVCI Trailer!!

Capcom recently released a new game play trailer showcasing what we believe to be the final launch characters, and infinity stone for the soon to be released Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite:

The latest gameplay trailer gives us a first glimpse of returning cast members Dormammu, Firebrand, and Ghost Rider, while highlighting more of new comer Jedah which includes his Gothic like super moves. The final infinity stone has also been revealed as the soul stone which will allow you to steal energy away from your opponent and revive a fallen teammate when activated.

Maximillian Dood, who had the opportunity to try out the official gamescon build and recorded gameplay footage which he will be releasing on his youtube channel. The first video he released below talks more about the latest infinity stone while showcasing more character gameplay!!

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