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Game Currency And Cross Play Will Not Be In Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite!!

Video game website vg24/7 got some hands on time with the title last month and did an extensive write-up about the game modes and new features that are going to be available for the upcoming title. Recalling the failed launch for Street Fighter 5 brought up some interesting details for the write-up that were not made known to the public:

“Some stuff from SF5 has been cut, too – there’s no in-game currency system, with DLC such as characters and costumes sold for real cash and nothing else. The cross-platform structure of the Capcom Fighters Network from SF5 isn’t being used here either, so the PS4, Xbox One and PC Marvel communities will all operate within their own discrete bubbles.”

While there was a notion that Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite would not be cross-play compatible due to the presence of multiple platforms, the absence of in-game currency is certainly telling. It would seem the mistakes of Street Fighter V have created both give and takes for this upcoming title and it will be interesting to see what Capcom has planned for their DLC.

There are certainly still a lot of reveals left and we are anticipating a great deal of information will be coming out of E3 so stay tuned for more details.

Source: vg24/7 via Eventhubs

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