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Hokuto Gameplay Featured In New PlayStation Fighting EX Layer Trailer!!

PlayStation Japan has released some new trailers for the upcoming Arika fighting game Fighting EX Layer. One of the three available trailers features gameplay from DLC character Hokuto:

Hokuto, who was originally featured in the first “April fools” trailer back when the title first appeared, seems to have more grappling moves than her awakened counterpart Shirase. Hokuto will come free with the standard version of FEXL.  The new trailers also include some in-game footage of final launch characters Hayate and Sanane as well.

You will find the additional trailers which are meant to “showcase”  light and standard version of FEXL at the end of the trailer above. Fighting EX Layer is slated to release on the PlayStation 4 at the end of June if all goes well during the finalization process this month.

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