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Yamcha and Tien Details Revealed For Game Informer’s Dragon Ball FighterZ Exclusive!!

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be gracing the next front cover of  popular video game magazine Game Informer’s next issue. As a result, Game Informer will be releasing exclusive details on the anticipated title for the month of October.

Today’s exclusive gives us an in-depth look at Yamcha, Tien, Super Sayian God Goku and Vegeta. The videos, available on GI’s website, give us greater insights to Yamcha and Tien in particular. Yamcha’s wolf fang fist is looking particularly exciting as one of his special moves allows Yamcha to mix up opponents in some very interesting ways. Tien, while not complete at the moment, surely seems like a well rounded character as he has tools that can mix up his opponents from greater distances unlike many of his peers. Coupled with his powerful companion Chiaotzu, who can capture characters in various ways, Tien becomes an even bigger threat making us believe that he may ultimately be one of the more stronger picks in the game.


There is plenty more coverage to come and we will be keeping a close eye on all the new reveals. For those who want the up to the minute exclusives which includes interviews, gameplay footage, and things that have yet to be announced, you can bookmark the official Game Informer’s Dragon Ball FighterZ page here.

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