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Target Release Date, Pricing, And More Revealed For Fighting EX Layer!!!

Last night on a live stream, Arika revealed their rollout plan for the official release of their latest fighting game title Fighting EX Layer!! First and foremost, Arika has targeted the end of June for a worldwide release on the PlayStation 4. If all goes well during the completion process which they hope will start in May, the game will be a digital release to ensure that they can get the game out to simultaneous regions.

In terms of retail pricing, Arika has decided to go with two versions giving an option to the players interested in purchasing this game. The light version, which will retail at $39.99, includes 5 Gougi decks while the standard version retailing at $59.99 will include 15 Gougi decks. Both versions will include 12 playable cast members at launch. For light version owners who have an interest in trying out the additional Gougi deck before purchasing, the developers are working on a mode that will cycle in each Gougi periodically for players to try out.

It would seem there are no grand plans for DLC at the moment. Hokuto may become DLC(Shirase being her awakened version.) but this is still a work in progress. Their main DLC will be color types and they plan to include the additional Gougi not available in the light version as well.

While there are still 2 more characters that have yet to be revealed, we can confirm at least 10 of the characters that will be available at launch. They are as follows:

  • Kairi
  • Shirase
  • Garuda
  • Skullomania
  • Darun Mister

  • Allen Snider
  • Doctrine Dark
  • Blair Dame
  • Jack(Formally known as C. Jack)
  • Shadowgiest

Blair Dame, who has been teased up until this point, has finally been confirmed while Shadowgiest, introduced in Street Fighter EX  2 as a hidden character, has officially been revealed as a returning castmate in this latest endeavor. Clues of Volcano Russo’s, a character who was introduced in the second version of EX 2, involvement in this game’s storyline leads us to believe he may make the final cut but developers are only saying he may potentially become playable for now.

Shadowgeist with two characters hidden in shadow. Who might they be?!!

Arika also mentioned their interest in porting Fighting EX Layer to PC via Steam though they are totally focused on the PlayStation 4’s development at the moment which will most likely be the catalyst in bringing the title over at a later time. For those that want to view the recorded live stream, which includes a gameplay trailer of Blair and Jack @ 53:51 and one with new reveal Shadowgiest @ 1:03:06, we have provided it below.

One theme that was constant throughout the stream was the fact that the game’s success is very important to the continued support of this title. We certainly hope EX fans will come out in droves for this latest offering and wish Arika the best of luck with this title moving forward!!


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